What Do Chickens and Sparrows Have in Common? July 19, 2011

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Last night I attended the orientation for my brand new job! I am going to be working a couple nights a week at our local Chick-Fil-A restaurant and I am VERY excited. I understand this is beginning to sound like a blog that just chronicles the “personal musings and happenings of Janet Mylin”, but I promise there’s more to today’s post than my new job announcement…


My original intention for applying for the job was simply because I can. Andy and I were talking and I was like, “Hey, maybe I can pick up a few hours somewhere to contribute a little financially.” (My fellow moms understand that feeling of, “I want to help but I don’t want it to affect our family negatively”.) Our friends Bruce and Lori own the Chick-Fil-A here in town and I know they’re incredible God-lovers, so it was a natural place to begin my part-time job search. Believe it or not, they’ve given me an official Chick-Fil-A name tag. Isn’t it pretty?

In the midst of the application process, God began to tell me this is about much more than just bringing in some extra cash and getting me out of the house….

I volunteer once a week at A Woman’s Concern, our local crisis pregnancy clinic. On one particular Monday, I was helping my friend with a weekly meal she has for single moms. These women and girls are incredible. They come against a ton of adversity to provide for their child and pursue their own careers. I’m always so humbled when I’m with them. On this particular Monday, two of the moms were discussing their job difficulties. One explained that in her job at a fast-food restaurant she had to get on her hands and knees and scrub the baseboards of the bathroom. Another young mom was saying how thankful she was at her new job with a pizza company because her old job at a fast-food restaurant had some less-than-desirable working conditions.


And it hit me: Compassion.


While Chick-Fil-A is known to surpass most fast-food chains in work conditions and company values, I believe God has me working there to grow even more compassion in my life for the Sparrows of the world and to widen my view of those who don’t know their Creator. Then I thought…


What if every Christian got a job mainly for the purpose of influencing broken people with the Creator’s love?


Of course, I know that’s unrealistic. I’m not saying what I’m doing is some grand gesture of evangelism and that every follower of Christ should work at a quick-service restaurant. But maybe there’s something we could do to intentionally put ourselves in the paths of broken people. I don’t know. It’s just a thought that’s wiggling its way through my mind.


In the meantime, I hope and pray I can fulfill Chick-Fil-A’s corporate purpose:

“To Glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.

To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-Fil-A.”

Pray for me as I continue in the journey of loving the Sparrows. Come to the restaurant and it will be “My Pleasure” to serve you…but wait until I know what the heck I’m doing.


Not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing,


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