SparrowFly now has a “Mission Statement”! May 22, 2011

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My friend, Lynn, has a husband and his name is Dan. Aside from having a voice that sounds eerily similar to Kevin Costner, Dan is a wise guy…not in the Three Stooges sense of the word, but he actually is a guy who is wise. (He has a rockin’ blog, too.) Through his wife, Dan urged us to come up with a Mission Statement for this ministry. A Mission Statement is a handy thing to have because it kind of acts like a filter. So, if an opportunity or idea comes along, the team can sit down and say, “Well, let’s see if it fits our mission. If it doesn’t, let’s give this opportunity to someone else. If it does, let’s pray and pursue.”

We felt our statement needed to be concise, specific and clear to anyone who reads it…and here it is:

“The desire and current mission of SparrowFly is to reflect the Creator’s love, in prayer and in action, for the men and women who participate in our local strip club.”


At our last SparrowFly gathering, we wrote down any gifts and abilities we have that may be of use to minister to the Sparrows. Among the talents on that list are: cooking, financial planning, mentoring, housing, compassion, babysitting, cosmetology services, encouragement, sewing, hiking, biking, empathy, love for animals, laughter, singing, ability to confront hard situations, gardening, healthy eating and the greatest of these is LOVE.

I held back tears as I listened to those lists. I could just see God taking every one of those abilities and using it like a tool in His hands to love the Sparrows. The Creator is exactly that…Creative!


As I said in the last blog, two of us on the team are preparing for a trip to Las Vegas. We leave on Tuesday for a training conference with The Strip Church. We’re quite curious about what’s in store for us at that conference. People keep asking, “Are you ready for your trip?” I’m not sure how you get “ready” for a trip like that, but I have to assume we are ready because God has arranged it.

So, yeah…we’re ready.

We have a lot of people praying for us as we go, but if you would like to add us to your prayer list, please don’t hesitate. Also, pray for our families while we’re gone. I will blog and Tweet during our time in Vegas to keep you updated on what we experience.


I’m asking that God would allure the Sparrows and speak tenderly to them…turning their trouble into hope.

Not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing,




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  1. Kara Says:

    I’ll definitely pray for you in this ministry.



  2. Jenny Says:

    Just prayed for you! <3

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