Why Do We Pray for the Sparrows? June 3, 2011

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Last night I had coffee with a beautiful woman who is currently flying away from some major snares.

I shared with her about SparrowFly and how we feel very much compelled to just pray, gather wisdom and wait for God’s direction.


She asked, “How do you get to that point? Like, where you’re willing to just pray and wait?”


“Hmmm…good question.”


I first started praying for the Sparrows out of obedience. God was continually bringing them into my thoughts so I thought, “Well, I should pray for them, I guess.” That simple act planted deep compassion in my heart.


I kept praying because I didn’t know what else to do. I knew the Sparrows were on God’s heart so I just kept talking to Him about them. That all began July 2010. Almost a year ago.


So, now there’s a group of us who gather and pray.


Why don’t we just spring into action?

Because we love the Sparrows. We love them so much that we wouldn’t dare take action out of haste, knowing that God’s timing is something we can’t manufacture on our own.

I’ll be honest – sometimes it’s really hard to pray and wait. It goes against our “fast food” society in a big way. But we are determined that the power of prayer is bigger than anything.


The day we left for Las Vegas, my friend, Chris Heinz sent me a word he received in prayer that morning. Here it is:

“For I will make Sparrow Fly like a model for others. For the foundation is prayer–time spent before me. Others will find creative strategies and solutions on their own, but I know that you will seek me first, hearing secrets from heaven, and that is what sets you apart. I say instead of strategies, I will let you hear the cries and murmurs on the sparrow’s hearts. I say rather than nice solutions, I will give you their hearts. Prepare for an outpouring of brokenness birthed from intercession. I will cause a season of tears, even for the plight of the broken, to fall upon you. And you will come to identify with the objects of your intercession, these girls created in my image. Come before the throne, and I will grant my favor. Indeed I have eyes for the sparrow.”

I guess that’s it in a really big, beautiful nutshell.

We’re going to keep on praying. Wanna join us?


Not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing,



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