Why Do We Need to Lose “the Weight”? August 3, 2011

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Don’t worry. This isn’t about diets, exercises or any such thing. It’s about burdens.


Last night I had a dream. It wasn’t one of those “I have GOT to stop eating Mutton-Lettuce-And-Tomato sandwiches before bed” types of dreams. It was a dream given by God to urge me to pray for a girl I love very much. The thing is, I woke up feeling heavily-burdened for this person. All morning through my quiet time with God and through breakfast, I just felt so heavy for her. I drove to the bank and began singing a song of intercession for her, meaning I prayed for her but as the words came out instead of just saying them, I spontaneously sang them as a melody. As I sang, these words came out of my mouth:


“I feel the weight. I feel the weight.

But this weight is not mine to carry.

If I’m holding onto the weight of this burden that means I have to put down theĀ 

shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit.

A soldier on the battlefield with no weapon and no defense is useless.

This weight is useless to me, so I lay it down and give it to You and I pick up Faith and the Word of God once again.

And I will use these weapons to fight for her as You take care of the weight.”

Maybe it’s something I knew in my head before but today it moved to my heart. The burdens I feel for the Sparrows and for others I pray for are not mine to carry. If I choose to grab onto those burdens, I have to put down some of my battle equipment…and that’s just not going to work.

Not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing,



2 Responses to “Why Do We Need to Lose “the Weight”?”

  1. Denise Says:

    I think it’s interesting that your intercession and song is about the armor of God…again! God’s definitely been using that in your passion and prayers for those girls. I was praying that for you again a couple of days ago as well.


  2. jackie Says:

    great insight, janet. something every single person can put to use at some time or other. thanks for sharing!

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