For Some, Every Day is Halloween September 22, 2011

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Yesterday I drove past one of those Limited-Time Only Halloween stores on my way to attack the grocery store with a stack of coupons. I’m used to seeing these stores this time of year but this one really bugged me. This time, I actually got a little chill down my spine. Since there was nothing particularly scary about the store’s sign, I took it as a cue from the Creator to pray.


I prayed as I drove, “Lord, it breaks my heart that these stores would use Fear to make money.”


Hmmm…Fear. Isn’t that one of the most-used marketing tools at many stores?

“Wear this or you WON’T be accepted.”

“Follow this diet or you will NEVER be attractive again.”

“If your child doesn’t participate in this educational DVD set, they WILL be behind in school.”

“Eat these organic bananas or you WILL get cancer.”


My mind went to the Sparrows. So many girls and women bound by fear to a stripper pole.

“I have to strip because it’s the only way I can provide for my family.”

“It’s the only thing I know how to do well.”

“If I leave, someone will hurt me.”

“I have to do this while I can because some day my body won’t be attractive enough…and then I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Oh, sweet Savior. Unwrap the Sparrows who are so wrapped-up by this Fear Monster.

I guess at Halloween fear is more blatantly evil looking with gnarled knuckles, cackle laughs and bloody monsters. But the truth is, Fear is running rampant in so many lives. It’s there to greet us around every turn. When you spot it, get in the habit of launching into prayer for someone you know who’s all caught up in it. And if you’re the one who is caught, ask your Creator to rescue you. His perfect love will come to you.

Not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing,



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