Stripped. January 2, 2012

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As I was removing the ornaments from our Christmas tree today, I had a blast from the past make it’s way into my brain. “Back in the day”, I used to listen to this funky Christian band called Painted Orange.

They had a song called “Colours” with a lyric line I’ve never been able to forget:

“When I stand alone in God’s perfect light,

He’ll strip away my colours.”

Surely an evergreen tree isn’t as eye-catching to most people when it’s stripped of all the lights and colorful decorations, but is it any less beautiful? In fact, maybe it’s more beautiful because you can see it as exactly as it was created.

Mr. Fred Rogers said, “But Jesus would want us to feel as good as possible about God’s creation within us. And in here [in our minds], we would look through eyes, and see what’s wonderful about our neighbor. I often think about that.”

The closer we get to our Creator, the more stripped of all the colors the world and life has painted and splattered on us. Then we are able to really grasp the true beauty we’ve been all along because God’s creation and plan for us becomes our vibrant color.

Not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing,



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